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How to choose the right government

How to choose the right government

What everyone always knew, but hesitated to say.

Well, again involved.... meaning, instead of doing something meaningful, I got hooked by a political debate ... and about what, if I may ask? about nothing.

A friend of mine, as it turned out, has is a civil principle. This is a civil duty, well, in the sense of duty of the citizen-facing the country: to observe, to serve, to vote, etc. So
his principle - not to vote.

As the old joke goes: “A passenger, greatly offended by the train conductor, bought a ticket and went by foot…”. So is my friend: I won’t vote, and let THEM know it over there!

And I’m like a ... spent the whole morning trying to figure out exactly who THEY are, what exactly they NEED TO KNOW, and how strongly it MUST disappoint them ...

Well, who are <<they>>, I figured out pretty quickly that it was the “politicians”, bribed three times and over bribed by someone else.

To know (!), they must, that he (my freind) for them (!!!) Does not vote (!!!). PRINCIPLE. Already thirty years...

The bulk part of the lost time of that morning, was spent on my attempts to get explanation and to understand, at last, is IT really should be "their" upset?

No, he honestly tried to explain, waving his arms, spraying spit and talking and talking… he said.... what they are... Ugh! .. And if we were all ... just like that, Ugh! ... and...

I even understood by myself that perhaps there is some minimum \ maximum percentage of votes, after which elections are recognized or not recognized as valid. but somehow I have big doubts, that it is really realistic to collect all the needed amount of principal in the right time and the right place, and to direct it all to the right direction…

My friend was very proud that he managed to convince a few converts, and that a major newspaper, even dedicated him two bands, with a full length photograph.

I tried many times to get him back into the stream, to find out what his general idea, and why he, or someone whom he trusts undoubtedly, does not begin to move this process?

Answer: ... by myself, don’t want it, I don’t need it! What am I a politician? ... And another ... I do not trust, they are all corrupt, ... Ugh! ... When they to get power ...! Ugh!, Ugh! .. Ugh !!

- That I understood. But what about the idea?

- ... Well, I do not know. But what we got is no good, ... It should be like in America… or in England ... .. or ... Well, I don’t know ... I'm not a politician, that should know this, but all politicians ... Phew!! ...

And, he continued, for the third round ...

The wasted morning!

Angry and zonked of the verbal eruption, with zero information, I walked home .. Since even home I couldn’t get free of it, I had to tense up a bit more, and try to finally solve this, what I think - a not so complex issue, with a proven technique of eliminating contradictions.

I, as an engineer, know very well that to any complex or simple system to function properly in a changing environment, it must be able to respond to these changes in the catch.
The technical name of the term

It took me about fifteen minutes of thinking to recall, that one day, almost a lifetime ago, as I remember, I came across with an ,simple in its genius, idea, from Kurt Vonnegut - in two words:

- - The symbol of supreme presidency - a gold (?), Collar. And all the disgruntled citizens can click on the protest button, for example - mail, for example - once a ...
The level of confidence can be seen in the chart, and when it goes critical, the symbol of authority - explodes ...

A line of presidential candidates in this country has not been observed ...
But, of course, the fullness of power, honor and respect, like all presidents, is in full measure.

And so, everything is simple: to be altruistic, honest and helpful, the authority should be punishable. Literally.

But we are not (?) barbarians, to tear off heads of presidents! Why so drastically, in our computerized time. It is possible even without so extreme measures....

I'll try to prepare an idea for ​​real and practical use.

And so:

- Once every four years (or 24, does not matter) are held a nationwide voting for election of the candidates. In the usual way - with promises, programs, buying \ selling, coalitions, scandals, etc. etc. ...

. Government starts, and continues to operate normally.

-All citizens who took part in voting shall be entitled, upon completion of each year (or 1 \ 2 years, the desired time, which lets you see the trend), to make a correction - the choice to cast their votes in support and / or against any (or only the chosen person ?), member of the current government or the party list.

- In excess of a certain level of people's distrust, the acting member of the government automatically, without another vote, led away in resignation, and replaced by a free candidate on the list of his party.

- In excess of a certain level of people's distrust, in the expressed list of the coalition of the government, as a result of not advancing the stated election promises, or a complete/partial change of party policy, the party is deprived of one or more of the existing mandates, In favor of party lists which have improved or did not change their performance.

- In excess of a certain level of people's distrust expressed by the current government as a whole, as a result of people's distrust of all or most of the lists of parties which forme the government, the right to form a new government goes to the best of the opposition party or the government begins to function as a temporary and in the state shall be appointed elections. The decision on a change of government is taken
by the President.

In general, this is probably enough to keep specific political careerists, and any particular party, and all necessary state government in controlled tension.

That, in turn, must hope, will streamline and accelerate the process of working out, delivery, acceptance, and most importantly - the actual implementation, for which we fought, as the saying goes...

And, best of all, from a technical point of view, the proposed reorganization, requires virtually no serious budgetary expenditures, such as a standard election. It can work in automatic mode with minimum supervision, which in turn saves the country from the state of shock, duration of which can be a half-cadence. Without a doubt, it increase in a certain way, the expenses of the parties to advertise their achievements in the whole period of "serving the people," but this, of course, not in the least will upset the legitimate electorate ..

Dixi, I said it...

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