Kromak (kromak) wrote,

А, у нас сегодня выбирают.

Самое время привести  (почти) цитату Дизраэли (?):
...Если в молодости Вы не голосуете за "левых" ,то у Вас нет совести. Но, если Вы продолжаете выбирать их и в зрелости- то  у вас нет ума...
Признаюсь: первый раз, я голосовал даже за "Мерец"... (Чур!... меня)
Но, я, точно  уже, повзрослел.
Оказывается, наши выборы, интересуют не только нас.
 Давняя знакомая прислала :
Tatyana ...nko
Мы стоим в молитвенном проломе за Израиль. С Вами Бог, дорогие!!!
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Не знаю, что это значит, но , то, что "За нас" -уже вдохновляет.

We must pray for God's favor in next week's Israeli elections.
We must pray for God's favor in next week's Israeli elections. (Lightstock)

To all who care about Israel: Your prayers this week and next are important! Israelis head to the polls March 17 to elect their next prime minister.

Sadly, the current prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has become the most hated prime minister in Israel's modern history. If the election were held today, according to the polls, he would lose. Some Israelis blame him for generating global anti-Israelism and anti-Semitism. They are as eager for change as was the majority of Americans when they elected Obama as president.

Others say the fact that an unprecedented international effort is afoot to unseat Netanyahu means he is probably the right person for the job. In any case, God does not override human free will as expressed in a democracy. But prayer is also an act of human free will, as expressed by you and me.

Here's how I believe we can pray rightly for the election:

1. God's choice. "King of Israel, the government of your people rests of your shoulders (Is. 9:6; Ps. 75:6; Rom. 13:1). The restoration of Israel is your concern. Please place into position the prime minister of your choosing. Give the prime minister of your selection the favor and grace to build the coalition needed to stay in office. 'Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it'" (Ps. 127:1).

2. Voters' hearts. "Sovereign One, would you defeat all opposition to the person of your choice from being elected prime minister? Though people vote as they please, let the candidate who pleases you be put into place. Turn the voters' hearts to align with yours. Revive hope in you. Restore reason and clear thinking. 'The lot is cast ... but its every decision is from the Lord'" (Prov. 16:33).

3. Expose truth. "Author of Truth, would you expose the unprecedented level of lies and evil schemes abounding in the election campaign. Mercifully infuse honesty and honor into the spirit of corruption and mudslinging. Do not allow the scepter of the wicked to remain over the land given to the righteous" (Ps. 125:3).

4. Social/economic justice issues. "God of justice, forgive us where we have neglected your principles of moral justice. Where socio-economic injustice exists and has given rise to political discontent, would you raise up those who fear you to resolve such issues with wisdom. Do not allow the government to shut its ears to the cry of the poor in the land" (Prov. 21:3).

5. Security issues. "Shield of Abraham, please speak to the hearts of Israeli voters that might resign to a false peace. Do not give us a prime minister who will say, 'Peace, peace, when there is no peace' (Jer. 6:14). Hear my repentance on behalf of those who might sacrifice their own lives because they do not yet know you as the God who saves and defends."

6. International interference. Ruler of the nations, magnify yourself to those from abroad who are actively working to manipulate this election. 'Let all those who hate Zion be put to shame and turned back'" (Ps. 129:5).

7. Protect PM Netnayahu: "Protect the life of Benjamin Netanyahu physically from assassination, and politically, from losing office prematurely. Allow him to serve as prime minister for as long as you have appointed him. 'Keep [him] from the snares they have laid for [him], and from the traps of the workers of iniquity. Let the wicked fall into their own nets, while [he] escapes safely'" (Ps. 141:9-10).

8. Salvation. "Reveal your supreme leadership and governing authority over Israel through this election. 'My heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is that they may be saved'" (Rom. 10:1).

Sandra Teplinsky has been in the Messianic Jewish ministry since 1979. She is president of Light of Zion, an outreach to Israel and the church based in Southern California and Jerusalem. She is an ordained minister and prophetic conference speaker, and has written several books and articles about Israel and the church.

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